Prime Property locations

We have a selection of properties located in close proximity to the University of Sheffield including Harcourt Road & Crookesmoor Road. We have properties for 1 to 8 persons available.

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Studio Apartments

We have a small number of studio appartments available very close to the Managment Building each property has its own private entrance subject to a 12 month contract starting in September.

Bills included

All our properties have bills included in the price, bills included are gas, electric, internet, water & tv licence.

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Useful Information For Our Tenants Moving In & Out Of Their Property

Your own room key must be left inserted in your room door lock with the front door key  attached to it via a key ring.

If you should be the last person to leave the house you will need to post the front door key back through the letterbox.

Any keys not left as described above will be regarded as missing and replacements charged at £15 per key.

As a household you are responsible for the common areas of the house jointly and your bedroom individually. Cleaning required in the property consists of :-

  • Hoovering should include halls, stairs and landings as well as hoovering your own room including under and behind beds and furniture.
  • Wiping down with cleaning products of furniture, dado rails, skirting boards windowsills, baths, showers, sinks bannisters etc,
  • In the kitchen you are required to clean inside and outside of the cupboards, fridges, freezers, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, clean/mop kitchen floor and under/behind all the appliances. No food or items are to be left in the fridge or freezers. You will need to defrost the freezer to clean it by switching it off. Once cleaned if not switched back on do not close the appliance door, wedge it open as it may smell or go mouldy if left closed
  • COOKER – The cooker/hob must be cleaned to the pristine state it was presented to you at the beginning of your tenancy. Where the cleanliness of the cooker does not reach this standard a team of professional cleaners are employed to bring them back to the standard required the cost of this work would be chargeable against bond monies held.  Please note the Oven cleaning company take photos of the condition of the oven and hob before and after cleaning.
  • All rubbish and any personal belonging including, pots pans cutlery, plastic bags furniture must be removed from the property and disposed of. Bins must be left on the pavement. bins on the pavement, its advisable to do this over time and not leave it until the 30th June. No rubbish is to be left outside the property. Any signs like road signs, advertising sign, workmen cones, supermarket trollies must be removed well away from your property.
  • We are aware that some of you will leave at different times, but as group you must organise a cleaning rota between you which is fair to everyone. You are all responsible for all the common areas in the property.
  • Any complaints from incoming tenants regarding the poor state of the property will have to be corrected and would be chargeable from your deposit.
  • All furniture must be put back to the area it was found at the beginning of your tenancy.
  • Any light bulbs missing from the light fittings must be replaced at the end of the contract.
  • The main charges against deposits last year were due to inadequate cleaning and rubbish removal, so please ensure you clean the house thoroughly and don’t leave it until the last minute.

Once your property has been inspected we will send an email to the lead tenant with a break down of any proposed stoppages. Once this amount has been agreed by everyone in the house, the deposits will be returned to the lead tenant via bank transfer for them to distribute. 

The main charges against deposits last year were due to cleaning and rubbish removal so please make sure you clean thoroughly and don’t leave it until the last minute.

 Please do not leave your rubbish disposal until the last week and your final bin collection. Experience tells us that there will be far too much for one bin load and the refuse collectors will not take away rubbish not stored securely within the bin. The bin-lid must be firmly shut with no rubbish left on street – failure to do this can result in fines from the Council. Please click into the link to request additional sacks from the council, if you feel your property will have too much waste to fit in one bin. These sacks will be the only additional ones to be collected.  



Useful Information For Our Tenants Moving In & Out Of Their Property

As a student, you are exempt from council tax, and we inform the council and register your exemption. However, the council may also contact you and request proof of your student status.

Please note that if you were to cease to become a student during your tenancy, you may then be liable to pay council tax.

It’s very important to be aware that once you have signed the tenancy agreement, it then becomes a legally binding agreement in English law. Consequently, you cannot give notice to terminate the agreement before the formal end of the contract. However, we appreciate there may be circumstances where it may be necessary for a tenant to be released from the tenancy agreement. In which case, the tenant may be released from their tenancy agreement providing that they find a replacement to take over their tenancy, and where the tenancy is a joint one, this must be with the consent of all co-tenants. The tenant wishing to be released from their tenancy agreement would liable to meet all conditions of their contract, including payment of rent, up to the point the replacement tenant has formally accepted. Please also note they will be a fee of £35 to transfer your contract to your replacement tenant. 

All of our properties are professionally cleaned if the house has not been left to a good standard by our previous tenants,  although this cannot be guaranteed from day one of your tenancy due to the short vacant period between the end of one tenancy and the start of the new tenancy, which is usually just 24 hours! Please rest assured that the property will be cleaned as quickly as possible and will be carried out to a high standard. Houses left in poor condition by the outgoing tenants are of course prioritised. If your house has not been cleaned at the point of moving in, please keep your belongings tidy until the cleaning is completed.

All properties are tested for the following;

Gas Safety (Annually)
Fire Alarm (Every 6 months)
Emergency Lighting (Annually)
Electrical Inspection (every 5 years)
Fire Extinguisher (Annually)
Energy Performance (every 10 years)

In compliance with Government legislation, any property which is let to 5 tenants or more, occupying 2 habitable stories or more, must be licensed with Sheffield City Council, and as such are subject to fire, safety, and health regulations. A copy of the relevant licence is available on request. Alternatively, you can visit Sheffield City Council’s Private Housing Standards web site to confirm a current HMO licence is in place  CLICK HERE  

Alternatively, you may contact the above by e-mail to

You can collect your keys from your property by arrangement from the 1st July. Each room key will be in the bedroom lock with a front door key attached. Keys can only be collected in buisiness hours. By arrangement we will be available on Monday the 1st July onwards between 9am and 4pm but not Sunday 30th June. Please contact us on 0774 011 6687 preferably the day before to arrange for someone to meet you at your house. On the day of your arrival please let us know by phone when you are 15 mins away from the house. If someone has already moved into your property and are staying at the house then you can make arrangments with them directly as  all the keys are left in the property from July 1st.

Because there is usually very little gap between the end of one tenancy and the start of another, the Inventory & Schedule of Condition Report you will receive is a statement of the condition of the property as it was left by the outgoing tenants.

All properties are inspected at the end of each tenancy. Any repairs etc identified during our inspection will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Please note that we do not normally provide the inventory until everyone has fully moved in to the property which is usually around mid-September.

Once you move into your house you may notice items that need repair or attention, the quickest way for us to deal with this is for your lead tenant to compile a list and email it to us at as soon as possible. It is better for our maintenace team to deal with all the issues in one visit so please go through all the property first. Any repairs will be dealt with in order of priority in July please be patient as its our busiest time.

Yes if you lose your keys or leave them at home they will be a charge of £15.00 per key replacement. If you are locked out of your house or room and require access there is a £25.00 release fee. Please not we have 2 types of locks in our property particulary your room lock. One type requires you to use a key to lock your room. The other type does not. If the catch is not on the lock, the door will lock behind you. If you leave your keys in your room you will be locked out and it will require a callout from us to let you back in your room which is chargable. Its advisable if you have this type of lock to get a copy of your room key cut and hide it somewhere in the property in a safe place. 

Yes ,Student properties unfortunately can sometimes be prone to burglaries so we would strongly recommend that you consider having adequate insurance in place that will cover your own possessions in your room and for any accidental damage to the landlord’s fixtures and fittings. There are many insurance companies in the market place who can provide you with appropriate cover. 

Please make sure you use the burglar alarm when everyone is out of the property, also shut all windows when going out. Leave a light on to give the appearance that someone is in the property. If you dont know how to use the alarm in your property just ask. When you are in your property keep your front and back door (If you have one) locked at all times. 

  • Keeping the home reasonably clean and in a reasonable
  • Safety checks on electrical appliances you own
    Keeping gardens or outside areas, if there is one, in a
    reasonable state.
  •  Changing light bulbs or smoke alarm batteries, unblocking baths, showers of hair, sinks blocked with food etc and other
    minor maintenance.
  • Reporting any damage caused, either deliberately,
    through neglect or by accident.

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